School District sued 100K

School District sued 100K

School District sued 100K

School district sued for $100k after teen breaks ankle during school “drunk goggles” simulation

What can go wrong in a health class, right? Ask Kylie Nielson from Kaysville, Utah who broke her ankle while wearing “drunk goggles” – a simulation aimed at teaching kids about the dangers of alcohol abuse. She broke her ankle in multiple places after getting her foot stuck under a desk during the simulation.

Compensation for shattered hopes and dreams

The student had to undergo two surgeries to fix her ankle, and her one leg is now shorter than the other. This is especially unfortunate as Kylie was a former track star and can now no longer participate in her sport. Kylie’s medical and legal expenses amounted to $39 000 and the school district sued had to fork out a further $39 000 for pain and suffering.

The dangers of negligent choices

Letting children run around a classroom playing tag wearing “drunk goggles” was an exciting but not very prudent way of teaching kids about the dangers of alcohol abuse. This was definitely a case of negligence on the part of the teacher as the court results showed.

The role of personal injury cases

While the “drunk goggles” is perhaps not the most common factor in personal injury cases, there are thousands of people who get into accidents that ruined their hopes and dreams as Kylie’s were. Filing a personal injury case to compensate for medical bills, lost wages and personal suffering can help, but one has to wonder whether monetary compensation really makes up for personal injury.

Talk to a lawyer

If you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another party, contact a professional, expert personal injury lawyer for a consultation. At Linden Law, one of our experienced personal injury lawyers will review your case for free.

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