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A convenience of modern day travel is the advent and continued use of airplanes. Unfortunately, with the convenience also comes the possibility of life-threatening aviation accidents. Studies have shown that most aviation or airplane accidents are caused by pilot error.

Airlines must take rigorous caution in their operations to keep travelers safe. This includes the training and retraining of airline pilots and additionally continued inspects and maintenance on aircraft. Additionally, during the course of a flight, each crew member must make sure that they have properly addressed all major safety concerns and completed their duties with respect to takeoff and landing. When airlines or their employees fail to address their duties, and because of these failures an individual was injured, they can be held liable for any injuries caused or losses that occur to passengers.

The pilot of an airplane owes a duty of care to the passengers onboard and must be able to handle a variety of situations without causing an incident. If the pilot makes a serious error while in flight or in the course of landing, he may be liable for the endangerment of everyone on board.

At Linden Law, we handle accidents caused by airlines, manufacturers, maintenance contractors, component suppliers or other agencies who were negligent in their duties. Cases that can be taken by our lawyers include:

  • Major commercial airline accidents
  • Accidents involving regional carriers
  • International aviation disasters
  • Terrorist-related plane crashes
  • Private, charter or corporate aircraft accidents
  • Military contractor air crashes
  • Small plane or general aviation accidents
  • Helicopter accidents

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