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Elevators are used by millions of people every day. When stepping into an elevator you are putting trust into that it will be functioning correctly. Unfortunately, there are times when elevators fail and true horror stories transpire.

The laws require that elevators operate within certain specifications, rules, and regulations to assure safety. Unfortunately, many building owners fail to properly maintain their elevators with devastating results.

Elevator construction has changed over time and has grown increasingly complicated machines involving innumerable technical processes. To determine the negligence of an elevator owner proper knowledge of elevator construction, installation as far as the safety standards associated with these machines must be known. For example, one should consider ANSI /ASME Standard A17.2.1 in the case of an electric elevator. Additionally, whereas when a water driven elevator is used then ANSI/ASME Standard A17.2.2 should be considered.

In the case of larger buildings, the landlord will hire a company who is responsible for the maintenance of the elevator and is typically “on call” to assist with any emergency problems regarding the elevator. Typically, elevator accidents are caused by these elevator companies failure to properly maintain the elevator. In cases where the building owner has not hired an outside company, the building can be held negligent for not having the proper representative maintain the elevators as their failure it likely to lead to accidents.

Building construction sites are the most common places where mishaps of elevators take place due to workers traveling to different floors in manually operated elevators. In New York, special rules and codes have been passed to protect the construction workers and employees if any accident were to occur.

Mishaps due to elevators can happen anytime, some cases which we have solved for our clientele are:

  • Sudden deceleration
  • Sudden Stops
  • Mis–leveling
  • Interlock circuit bypass
  • Car entrapment
  • Unexpected high speed
  • Increase in speed
  • Defective governors
  • Door entrapment
  • Failure to communicate
  • Improper hoist cable maintenance
  • Safety devices not working properly

In addition to a residential building, elevators are used throughout big departmental stores, subway stations, and train station. The same rules and codes apply to these commercial properties as to residential properties and those building owners to have a duty to properly maintain elevator

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