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Countless commuters in New York City and New Jersey areas use bus services to travel from home to work and back each day. MTA transits millions of passengers per work week to and from New York City while NJ Transit brings more people to New York City every day. In addition to these bus services, school bus services, city bus services, and tour buses contribute to the bus traffic.

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Bus Accidents in New York – Don’t be a Victim Bus Accidents in New York – Don’t be a Victim

Bus accidents are not isolated incidents in New York State. In February a 46-year old victim was run over by an MTA bus and ended up in hospital in a critical condition. In January, an elderly man lost control of his pick-up truck and crashed into a bus in Syracuse, NY. Eight people were injured in this accident. A 43-year old woman broke her hip, ribs, and shoulder after being run over by a school bus. A cyclist rammed into a tour bus in Times Square in December 2016.

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