NYC Bike Laws - Legal Help NYC Bike Laws - Legal Help

Living in a city like New York means having more than one option for getting around town. There are people who find that a bicycle works well for basic transport. In fact, there are several key statistics that help illustrate how common bike riding in New York City happens to be.

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Most Common Construction Injuries - Legal Help Most Common Construction Injuries - Legal Help

Learn about the most common construction injuries, including falls, electrical shocks, and machinery accidents, and what to do if you're injured. Get legal help with Linden Law.

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Why Your Case Needs a Litigator Attorney Why Your Case Needs a Litigator Attorney

First, let’s talk about what a litigator is. Litigators are attorneys who specialize in going to court. Litigators represent parties in a lawsuit and work toward getting the best result for their client. But not all attorneys are litigators. Many attorneys are transactional lawyers, like real estate attorneys, corporate lawyers and contract lawyers. Most of a transactional lawyers work is to review and draft documents and give advice on how to tailor important documents in a way that makes them most favorable to their client. Litigators are lawyers who are in court almost every day. They evaluate and bring cases in court, appear for depositions, appear before the court to discuss the progress of any case and ultimately try those cases. Maybe a step beyond a litigator is a trial attorney. Trial attorneys are highly specialized litigators who try cases, most days. In many instances, Trial attorneys are brought onto a case for the specific purpose of taking over should a case proceed to trial.

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