We assume that our loved ones are being nurtured and cared for as nursing home residents. What family members often don’t know is that nursing home abuse is an epidemic in the United States. Look out for these five signs of nursing home abuse.

Bedsores or open wounds

In 99% of cases, bedsores are due to improper care. Nursing homes have strict rules about patient care and how to prevent bedsores. If your family member has bedsores, it’s because the nursing home staff wasn’t doing their jobs.

Unexplained bruises, cuts, burns or fractures

Sometimes residents are dropped or abused while heavily medicated which means that they may not be able to remember. Other times, if they are physically abused, they might be too scared to talk. Ask the nursing staff if they know anything about the injury; if they’re overly vague, your loved one may have suffered abuse.

Torn, bloody or stained clothing

This is a concerning sign that your loved one may have suffered sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is unfortunately common in nursing homes. The residents who are heavily medicated or have short-term memory problems are especially vulnerable.

Refusal or delays to visit the resident

If you drop by unexpectedly and the nursing home staff tries to stall you before seeing your loved one, you should be suspicious. Another cause for suspicion is if the nursing home staff won’t allow a private visit. This is their way of preventing your loved one from speaking out about nursing home staff’s abusive behavior.

Sudden changes in the resident’s financial documents or will

Of course, your loved one has every right to make changes to his or her personal documents, but if the decision to do so seems overly abrupt or if he or she doesn’t remember doing so, it’s a big red flag. Your loved one may have been forced into changing the documents while being medicated or threatened.

Act immediately if you see any of these five signs of abuse. Call (212) 804-8440 for advice from experienced nursing home abuse lawyers at Linden Law.

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