NYC Aviation Accident Attorney: What Do They Do And How Can They Help?

NYC Aviation Accident Attorney: What Do They Do And How Can They Help?

NYC Aviation Accident Attorney: What Do They Do And How Can They Help?

Aviation law is a specialized field distinct from traditional personal injury law. The complexities of international treaties, federal regulations, and intricate insurance policies governing air travel demand an attorney with deep knowledge and specialized experience. An NYC aviation accident attorney possesses this critical expertise, ensuring your case is handled with the precision and nuance it deserves.

If you or a loved one has experienced the trauma of an aviation accident, you need a law firm in your corner that you can trust. The legal complexities can be mystifying so talk to our specialized airplane accident attorneys at Linden Law.  We’ll help you claim the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Aviation Accidents

You might think aviation accidents are just about major plane crashes, but according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), it's more varied than that. Airplane accidents range from the big commercial airliners to small, private plane mishaps. Not only that, they can also include runway and taxiway accidents at airports. Each type has its own set of reasons – sometimes it's mechanical issues, other times it could be human error or bad weather.

Aviation accidents, though relatively rare compared to other forms of transportation, can arise from a variety of factors. The NTSB uses over 30 different categories to classify aviation accidents.

Each kind of accident brings its own legal implications. One common cause is mechanical malfunction, due to aircraft design or inadequate maintenance. Pilot error is another contributor. This can range from misjudging weather conditions to failing to manage the fuel needs of an aircraft properly. Weather plays a critical role too. Additionally, issues with air traffic control, such as miscommunication or system errors, can also lead to accidents. 


Each of these causes dictates the direction and focus of the subsequent legal investigation and proceedings.

Legal Implications of Aviation Accident Causes

In cases of mechanical failure, the aircraft manufacturer or maintenance providers may be liable. This can result in complex product liability or negligence claims. When pilot error is identified, the legal focus shifts to the airline's responsibility for its employees' actions. Weather-related accidents can be even more complicated. These might involve examining the decision-making of both the flight crew and the air traffic control. In such situations, determining negligence or recklessness requires investigation by legal professionals. 

Whatever the causes, aviation accident lawyers follow a detailed process to determine liability. The following explains some of the challenges they face:

  1. Aviation Law 

Navigating the world of aviation law is daunting. An obvious challenge is that this involves a unique blend of federal and state regulations. These can govern everything from aircraft maintenance and operations to air traffic control procedures. Understanding and interpreting these regulations, along with their frequent updates and amendments, is a formidable task. 

  1. Establishing Liability
    This requires meticulous examination of things like pilot behaviour, maintenance issues, design flaws, or air traffic control mistakes. So, in the case of an airplane crash, aviation accident attorneys will consider the actions of the flight crew, the condition of the aircraft, and even the manufacturer's responsibility. 

  2. Federal and State Law Interplay
    The aviation industry operates under the oversight of various federal agencies, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Federal regulations often take precedence over state laws. Experienced aviation attorneys understand how federal and state laws intersect and can leverage this knowledge to build a robust case.

  3. Dealing with Powerful Insurance Companies


When pursuing aviation accident claims, individuals often find themselves facing powerful insurance companies. These represent airlines, aircraft manufacturers, or other entities. Aviation attorneys are prepared to challenge the insurance companies to negotiate and secure just compensation for their clients.

The Role of an NYC Aviation Accident Attorney


  • Legal Expertise and Specialization: NYC aviation accident attorneys are highly specialized. At Linden Law, we can provide you with effective representation because we understand aviation law, how it is applied in New York. Not only that but we stay updated on how these complex regulations evolve over time at state and federal levels.

  • Investigating Aviation Accidents: An NYC aviation lawyer’s priority will be to conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident. This involves collecting data, interviewing witnesses, and collaborating with aviation experts.
    Key evidence can include flight data, maintenance records, air traffic control communications, and more. Aviation accident attorneys understand the significance of securing documents and records promptly. They are aware that evidence can deteriorate or be tampered with if not handled correctly.

  • Identifying Liability: Once gathered, aviation lawyers meticulously analyze the evidence to pinpoint the parties responsible for the incident. This could include the airline, aircraft manufacturer, maintenance companies, or even air traffic controllers. Their expertise allows them to determine who is responsible are hold them to account.

  • Communication with Insurance Companies: Law firms are adept at communicating with these powerful insurance companies. Airplane accident attorneys ensure that their clients' rights are protected, and that fair compensation is awarded.

  • Negotiating Settlements: Aviation accident attorneys are skilled negotiators. They understand the financial and emotional toll these accidents and strive to secure compensation that covers medical expenses, loss of income, pain, and suffering.

How Can an NYC Aviation Accident Attorney Help You?

Aviation accidents can lead to devastating injuries and loss of life, leaving victims and their families with immense emotional and financial burdens. The following is a selection of ways in which we at Linden can pursue compensation for your losses.

  • Pursuing Wrongful Death Claims:

Wrongful death claims allow surviving family members to seek compensation for their emotional and financial losses. We can guide families through this difficult process, helping them understand what is happening and provide support.

  • Holding Negligent Parties Accountable:

Negligence can range from pilot error and maintenance issues to design flaws or air traffic control mistakes. We play a crucial role in identifying the responsible parties and building a case to establish liability.

  • Providing Medical and Financial Guidance:

The physical, emotional, and financial ramifications of an aviation accident can be long-lasting. Your aviation lawyer will connect you with specialists who can address your immediate medical needs and help you navigate the complexities of long-term care. They will also work to secure compensation that covers medical expenses, lost wages, and future earning potential.

Beyond the legal aspects, we can provide much-needed emotional support and guidance to our clients too. These accidents can be traumatic. We work with compassion to help our clients get through the aftermath of an aviation accident.

  • Protecting your rights to ensure Fair and Just Compensation:

As attorneys it is our responsibility to safeguard your rights to ensure that they are not taken advantage of by powerful insurance companies or negligent parties.  We then use our years of expertise to calculate damages accurately.

  • Maximizing Your Chances of a Successful Outcome:

Success in aviation accident cases depends on careful planning, thorough investigation, and strategic negotiation. We work diligently to maximize your chances of a successful outcome by building strong cases, presenting compelling evidence, and leveraging our knowledge of aviation law.

  • Avoiding Common Pitfalls 

Common pitfalls in aviation accident cases include: 

  • settling for inadequate compensation;

  • missing critical deadlines;

  • failing to preserve essential evidence.


At Linden Law we are well-versed in avoiding these and can ensure that your cases are handled with the utmost care and diligence.

Choosing the Right NYC Aviation Accident Attorney

In the aftermath of an aviation accident, hiring the right attorney is a critical step. These are some considerations to bear in mind when choosing a firm to represent you.

  • Checking Qualifications and Experience:

Ensure that the attorney is licensed to practice law in the relevant jurisdiction and has a specialization in aviation law. Look for their track record in handling aviation accident cases, including their success rate and the types of cases they have worked on. 

  • Questions to Ask During the Initial Consultation:

  1. What experience do you have in aviation accident cases?

This question helps gauge the attorney's degree of expertise and specialization. You should look for an attorney who has a history of successfully representing clients in similar cases.

  1. Can you provide references or case examples?

This helps you understand the attorney's track record and the types of outcomes they have achieved.

  1. How will you approach my case?

Understanding the attorney's strategy and approach is essential. Ensure they have a clear plan for investigating the accident, establishing liability, and pursuing compensation.

  1. Who will be working on my case?

Inquire about the attorney's team and support staff. Make a note of some names and look them up online.

  1. What fees and payment structures do you offer?

Discuss the attorney's fees, payment arrangements, and whether they work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if you win your case.

  1. How do you communicate with clients, and what is your availability?

Ensure your attorney is accessible and will be responsive to your inquiries.

  1. What is your understanding of the specific circumstances of my case?

An experience attorney should have a preliminary understanding of the situation during the initial consultation.

  1. How do you handle negotiations with insurance companies and other parties?

This will give you some awareness of the experience your attorney has with negotiating with powerful insurance companies.

  1. What is the potential timeline for my case?

Discuss the expected duration of your case to manage your expectations and plan accordingly.

10. What are the strengths and weaknesses of my case?


This will help you gain an insight into the attorney's analytical skills and their ability to communicate the prospects for your case.


Do I need an aviation accident attorney?

Yes, seeking the expertise of an aviation accident attorney is highly recommended. Aviation accident cases are complex and involve navigating intricate federal and state regulations, determining liability, and dealing with powerful insurance companies. An experienced aviation attorney can provide invaluable guidance, ensure your rights are protected, and maximize your chances of securing the compensation you deserve.

Who investigates aircraft accidents?

Aircraft accidents are typically investigated by relevant government agencies, such as the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The NTSB conducts thorough investigations to determine the causes of accidents and make recommendations to enhance safety. In addition to government investigations, victims and their attorneys may conduct their own inquiries to gather evidence for legal action.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit after an airplane accident in New York?

In New York, the statute of limitations for aviation accident lawsuits can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the case. Generally, personal injury claims must be filed within three years of the accident, but it is essential to consult with an attorney promptly, as certain exceptions or factors may affect the filing deadline.

Do victims of airplane crashes get money?

Victims of airplane crashes and their families may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, losses, and suffering. The amount of compensation depends on the severity of injuries, liability determination, and available insurance coverage. An aviation accident attorney can help pursue compensation through negotiation or legal action to ensure victims and their families receive financial support.

Remember that each aviation accident case is unique, and the process may vary depending on the circumstances. Consulting with an attorney who specializes in aviation law is crucial to ensure your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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