How do Truck Accidents Differ From Regular Car Accidents?

How do Truck Accidents Differ From Regular Car Accidents?

How do Truck Accidents Differ From Regular Car Accidents?

While any accident on the road is a cause for concern, collisions involving trucks pose a uniquely serious threat. It's not just about a larger dent or higher repair bill; truck accidents pack a devastating punch that car crashes simply can't match.


Lives are at risk in a car, as are the lives of pedestrians or people in the other vehicle involved in the crash. But the sheer size, the weight and load carried by a truck and its cargo, it all adds up to devastating consequences, even in a minor truck collision.

The Difference Between a Truck Accident and a Car Accident

Forget fender benders; when a truck collides, the repercussions shift from a smaller accident zone to one that’s at least twice as large. Physics being what they are, a lot of energy is expended in stopping a big semi-truck when it hits an object. That energy will be taken out on the hauler itself, at least initially, but it’ll also spread to encompass any and all nearby vehicles and property.

Like a terrible domino effect, the impact spreads to cause harm to life and destruction of property, at which point it’s time to call in a reputable truck accident lawyer, but more on this later.

Trucks are Notably Larger than Other Vehicles

Weighing upwards of thousands of pounds, as demonstrated by this data from, trucks are larger and heavier than other vehicles. Therefore, when involved in a truck collision, the resulting impact can be devastating for smaller vehicles. 


Due to their size and weight, trucks require more time and distance to come to a complete stop, making it challenging for them to avoid collisions in certain situations. Additionally, as the heavier vehicles carry more momentum, the force of a truck hitting another vehicle can cause severe damage, leading to serious injuries or even fatalities. Make no mistake, a truck and car collision can have life-altering consequences.

Truck Drivers Often Have Larger Blind Spots

Because of their bulk, trucks have bigger blind spots. Unable to see a car that’s sitting in a blind spot, the truck goes to change lanes, leading to a side-swipe. 


Alternatively, the big commercial vehicle brakes suddenly, unaware of a car hidden in a back-end blind spot, at which point it’s rear-ended. Convex or wide-angled side mirrors go a long way to offsetting this issue, but accidents still occur.


Both the state of these mirrors and the training received by the driver will be evaluated as possible causative factors of the truck accident, as will witness testimonies, police reports, and the conditions of the road. 

Truck Accidents Can Have a More Significant Impact on Other Vehicles

Although truck accidents can cause devastating effects on all parties involved, it’s the occupants of smaller vehicles that are at a higher risk of sustaining serious injuries. 

Back injuries devastate automobile drivers and passengers alike because semi trucks are a little like juggernauts when they get up to speed. Sitting high in their cabins, haulage firm drivers are often safe from the worst of the collision, while drivers in cars are exposed to spinal injuries, head trauma, and potential crash fatalities.

A Sample of the damage spectrum:

  • Structural damage – Destruction to car exteriors and framework, penetrating all the way to the inner compartment. Crumple zones hit their threshold and airbags are pushed to their limit.

  • Whiplash and spinal injuries – Sudden impacts deliver severe body trauma. Spinal cord injuries are likely, as are back injuries such as whiplash. These can be long-lasting and debilitating, often requiring extensive rehabilitation.

  • Cargo spillage – Especially if that cargo is toxic, then the load could spill and widen the accident zone. Acids and noxious chemicals have been known to cause heavy environmental effects.

  • Secondary collisions – One crash leads to another, then another, until a pileup forms and blocks the entire road. Fleets of ambulances are required to handle such disastrous events.

The greater the severity of your injuries, the more crucial it becomes to collaborate with a truck accident lawyer to secure the settlement you are entitled to. Keep in mind that insurance companies prioritize their bottom line, and it's in their best interest to propose smaller settlements whenever feasible. Given the significantly higher costs associated with your situation compared to a standard car crash, obtaining the compensation you deserve will likely require professional assistance.


Ensure the protection of your rights by promptly reaching out to a truck accident lawyer. Contact Linden Law online or call (212) 804-8440 for a free consultation with experienced truck accident attorney.

Complex Liability in Truck Accidents

Even when commercial truck accident characteristics are correctly assessed by competent insurance investigators, and all those police reports and witness statements have been logged, there are multiple parties in play on a legal and financial level.

The truck driver’s actions will fall under the accident lawyer’s scrutiny. Culpability might be assigned to the trucking company and other third parties. Then there’s the driver of the car involved in the collision, the city responsible for the roads and traffic signals, even the company in charge of the maintenance of the truck’s condition as well.

One or several of these contributing factors may have a role to play in the accountability decision making process. That’s what makes determining liability and seeking fair compensation such a complex process, involving negotiations, investigations, and potential legal proceedings.

Here are a few examples:

  • Mixed culpability – Both the truck driver and car driver share fault.

  • Third-party fault – Improper loading of cargo, not properly secured, etc.

  • Inclement weather – Made worse by poor road maintenance or bad tires, braking system.

  • Equipment failure – Brakes, tires, transmission, a failed linkage between the truck and the haulage section. Going deeper, a manufacturer defect or a lapse in maintenance.

Of course, greater scrutiny will be reserved for the drivers of the car and truck, but an unbiased report must evaluate all of the above factors and more.


Due to the complexity involved in a truck accident case, which often has more intricate details compared to a car accident case, it is essential to ensure a thorough investigation and examination of the facts. This underscores the importance of working with a truck accident lawyer.

Insurance and Compensation

Expertly evaluating truck accident injury causative variables and navigating the aftermath of a collision with a cool, detached eye, reports are compiled and presented to legal professionals for analysis and further action.

Beyond the immediate medical and property damage expenses, a thorough understanding of the long-term repercussions is crucial. Compensation should not merely be seen as a financial remedy but as a means to restore balance and provide justice. 

Unlike personal auto insurance, commercial truck insurance is designed to accommodate the complexities of the business, offering protection not only for the vehicle but also for the cargo it transports and the liability implications arising from commercial activities. 


As for compensations, the coverage spectrum ranges from medical expenses and property damage to lost wages and, in severe cases, even pain and suffering. Insurance policies tailored for trucks are designed to comprehensively cover these, ensuring victims receive due recompense for their physical, financial, and emotional distress.

What to Do If You've Been Involved in a Truck Accident

Just after the collision, the authorities are notified. Ambulances arrive, injuries are treated. Reports are documented by the police, then property damage is assessed. Traffic flow is eventually restored and all returns to normal at the site of the collision.

Behind the scenes, the gears of truck safety regulations slowly get up to speed. The parties involved in the collision, assuming they’re not in hospital, will need a truck accident lawyer. It’s this noted individual who will build a case after talking to insurance companies. Liability is established, damages are evaluated, and advocacy in court is established or a settlement is agreed upon.

Of course, beyond compensation and liability concerns, there may also be criminal charges to consider, especially if the hauler collision was due to negligence or reckless driving.  


Clearly, this is a grim and heart-wrenching process for all involved, as it involves reliving the traumatic event and facing the harsh reality of the consequences. It’s essential for the truck accident lawyer to remain steadfast and determined in their pursuit of justice, as their efforts bring a sense of closure to the victims and their loved ones. Therefore, if you’ve been involved in a truck collision, you’ll need the services of the right truck accident lawyer, someone who won’t leave justice to chance or accountability to the vagaries of the legal system. To assure fair recompense, to make sure your side of the story is heard, or just to get the most out of your insurance company, make sure you have a seasoned legal ally on your side. Call Linden Law’s Lawyer if you’ve had a truck collision in NYC ; your cases couldn’t be in safer hands.


Are the causes of truck accidents different from those of car accidents?

Causes often diverge. In addition to speeding and distracted driving, truck collisions may stem from improper loading, mechanical failures, or driver fatigue after long hours on the road.

What reparation is available to an accident victim?

Legal costs to be paid. If the accident caused physical harm, there’ll be medical bill payments and rehabilitation costs, plus lost wages and compensation for any incurred pain and suffering.

Who is responsible for repairing my vehicle?

Depending on the accountability decision reached by the involved parties and/or the decisions reached in a court of law, this could be the insurance company, the at-fault car driver or the trucking company. This same company may seek damages from the truck driver, again, depending on accountability. 

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