700 Lawsuits Over Defective Drug Causing Permanent Hair Loss

700 Lawsuits Over Defective Drug Causing Permanent Hair Loss

700 Lawsuits Over Defective Drug Causing Permanent Hair Loss

In California, hopeful cancer patients were treated with the drug Taxotere. Although they expected some hair loss due to chemotherapy, no-one expected the hair loss to be permanent. Countless women were victims of exposure to a defective drug containing a toxic substance that permanently killed their hair follicles, leaving them bald for life.

The Taxotere case

Such an event can only be infuriating as one is already battling with the trauma of a deadly disease. Permanent bodily damage due to serious side effects of a defective drug is unacceptable. Unfortunately, the doctors were unaware of this terrible side effect and the plaintiffs looked towards the drug manufacturers, Sanofi SA, who have allegedly misled both patients and doctors to believe that the hair loss would be temporary. In fact, the manufacturers only admitted that permanent hair loss was a possibility in 2015, even though the drug was approved by the FDA in 1996. By January 2017, the manufacturers of Taxotere faced 776 lawsuits due to their misleading the public about the high risk of possible permanent hair loss.

Claiming product liability

Claiming compensation in such a scenario means that are suing the manufacturer or distributor for product liability that has resulted in a personal injury. In such a case the law says that the thing speaks for itself – i.e. the product wouldn’t have been defective if someone was not negligent. So, instead of trying to prove that the manufacturer was negligent as in many personal injury cases, the manufacturer would have to go a long way to prove that they were not negligent.

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