Cruise Ship Accidents Cruise Ship Accidents

Traveling by cruise ship is supposed to be a relaxing and fun experience. The last thing that you want to happen on a cruise is to get injured or sick because the cruise ship personnel were negligent. There’s nothing that ruins a holiday like a cruise ship accident.

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Nursing Home Abuse – Your Rights Nursing Home Abuse – Your Rights

The state of New York is very much aware of the poor conditions in which many nursing home patients find themselves. Therefore they have tightened the rules for nursing home abuse in the state of New York. Understanding your loved one’s rights as a nursing home patient is the first step to protecting him or her from nursing home abuse.

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10 Interesting Facts About Taxi Accidents 10 Interesting Facts About Taxi Accidents

Yellow Taxi Cabs are synonymous with New York City. Hailing a cab shouting “Taxi!” is the universal sign that you are now in the Big Apple. However, taking a cab ride can be hazardous as quite a few taxi accidents are reported daily in New York City. Here are 10 interesting facts that we have curated about taxi accidents in New York

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