Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise Ship Accidents

Traveling by cruise ship is supposed to be a relaxing and fun experience. The last thing that you want to happen on a cruise is to get injured or sick because the cruise ship personnel were negligent. There’s nothing that ruins a holiday like a cruise ship accident.

It’s one thing to sue for personal injury due to an accident on land, but cruise ship accidents are a whole different kettle of fish when it comes to claiming personal injury compensation. Firstly, cruise ship accidents are covered by maritime law. Secondly, the personal injury claim must be made in the state or country where the cruise ship is headquartered. Although there are cruises that depart from New York, many cruise ships are headquartered in Florida, making it difficult for New York citizens to file a personal injury complaint due to a cruise ship accident. You can check the back of your ticket to know in which state you have to file your complaint if you have been the victim of a cruise ship accident.

To make a claim against a cruise ship operator, you have to be able to prove that the cruise ship employees or operator were negligent and that this was the cause of the accident. This means that you have to prove that any reasonable cruise ship operator and its employees should have known that the conditions under which the accident happened were dangerous and that they didn’t attempt to fix the problem.

If you got sick or injured due to medical administrations by the ship doctor, you have to make your case of medical malpractice against the doctor as many ship doctors are contractors and not employees of the cruise ship operator.

Filing a personal injury complaint due to a cruise ship accident can lead you through a labyrinth of legal technicalities in order to be compensated for your medical bills and loss of wages. The best is to go talk to a personal injury lawyer who specializes in cruise ship accident personal injury cases. Linden Law’s qualified lawyers will review your case for free to determine whether you can file a complaint against the cruise ship operator.

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