Ferry Accidents

Ferry Accidents

Ferry Accidents

Ferries are a common sight in New York. Companies like NY Waterway, East River Ferry, and the Staten Island Ferry transports thousands of people across the waterways of New York City. Ferry rides are often a pleasant experience and a more relaxing commute compared to being stuck in a subway or bracing traffic.

Ferry accidents in New York

Yet, ferries are not as safe as you would think and several ferry accidents have resulted in severe injuries and even death. Most of the time these ferry accidents are the result of an error by the ferry captain. In 2003, a ferry crash in Staten Island resulted in 71 people being injured and 11 killed. The captain confessed to being drowsy due to medication that he was taking. In 2013, a ferry carried 326 passengers from New Jersey to Manhattan. When the ferry hit the dock, the passengers were thrown back ten rows due to the impact of hitting the dock – resulting in 85 passengers suffering personal injuries.

Ferry accidents can result in serious injuries which can not only incur heavy medical bills but may also result in lost wages due to days of work. Since many ferry accidents are due to captains’ errors the ferry company is liable for the costs, injuries, and damages that you have suffered. You have every right to claim compensation by filing a personal injury complaint.

Call an expert personal injury lawyer

Linden Law specializes in personal injury cases due to ferry accidents and a free consultation with one of our experienced lawyers will easily determine whether you have a valid case or not. It is important that you collect as much evidence as possible of your ferry accident and its results. Eyewitness accounts, detailed medical records, lost wages and every little detail that you remember from the ferry accident will help our lawyers to build a strong case for the win.

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