Nursing Home Abuse – How To Tell

Nursing Home Abuse – How To Tell

Nursing Home Abuse – How To Tell

Abuse can often times be an ambiguous type of situation.  There is no doubt that the elderly is vulnerable and at the mercy of their caregivers.  However, there are ways that you can prove that your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse or is residing in a nursing home where abuse takes place.  An additional problem is that different states in the US have different definitions of what constitutes nursing home abuse.  Nursing home inhabitants in New York have favorable rights for nursing home abuse victims, but unfortunately negligence in nursing homes is still a big problem in New York City.

Google reviews of nursing homes

Google Reviews may not be the obvious place to look for evidence that nursing home abuse takes place at the nursing home where your family member stays.  Yet, studies have found that if a large enough number of reviews exist for the nursing home, Google Reviews is actually a pretty good predictor of whether abuse takes place or not.

Physical signs of nursing home abuse

When you visit your family member and find that he or she suffers from bedsores that have not previously been present, your family member is most likely a victim of nursing home abuse.  You should also look out for other injuries such as bruises and skin tears which are signs of nursing home care negligence.  Perhaps the most disturbing of all nursing home abuse is mental abuse.  If your family member has a sudden change in personality such as being withdrawn or depressed, it is likely that the nursing staff has subjected your family member to mental abuse.

Removing your family member from a nursing home

If you suspect that your family member may be abused in a nursing home, it is critical to get the authorities involved.
If one patient is neglected it is possible that there are other patients that are neglected as well.
If  you or your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse, you should call the experienced and knowledgable Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers at Linden Law at (212) 804-8440 for a no-obligation free consultation.

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