Personal Injury Case? Here’s What You’ll Have to Pay

Personal Injury Case? Here’s What You’ll Have to Pay

Personal Injury Case? Here’s What You’ll Have to Pay

So, you think you can possibly file a personal injury complaint. However, you know that legal fees can be expensive and you don’t want to be taken for a ride. We’re here to tell you how your legal expenses can play out.

Most personal injury lawyers charge a contingency fee

A what?
This means that you won’t have to pay your lawyer any fees unless he wins your case. If you win, your lawyer will get a percentage of the amount that you claimed in the case. If you lose the case your lawyer won’t charge you any fees. But that doesn’t mean that you walk away from the trial with all your dimes in your pocket. You still need to pay for the costs of the trial and case expenses.

What’s the difference between costs and fees?

Simply put, fees are what a lawyer charges for his time, while costs are for his out-of-pocket expenses. Charging a contingency fee means that your lawyer is willing to waive the fees for his time if he loses the case (which he hopefully won’t), but will hold you accountable for the costs that he had to incur to make the trail happen. Seems fair, right?

Okay, what type of costs can you expect?

Lawsuits are expensive and there are quite a few hidden costs involved that you will have to pay for. Here are some examples of things that can add to the costs of a legal battle.
  • Expert witness fees and costs
  • Postage.
  • Filing fees.
  • The cost to hire investigators.
  • Obtaining and preparing medical records and police reports.
  • Exhibits for trials
  • Jury fees
  • Mediator fees
  • Phone charges
  • Research service fees
  • Copies
  • Travel costs
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