Suffered From Medical Malpractice: Where to Start?

Suffered From Medical Malpractice: Where to Start?

Suffered From Medical Malpractice: Where to Start?

Talk to your doctor

The first thing that you need to do is to talk to you doctor to see if there is something else that he can do to remedy the situation. If he’s willing to fix what he’s done wrong, hopefully without charging you extra, there might not be a need to file a case against him, unless the costs of the effect of the malpractice were significant.

Talk to another doctor

If your doctor is not forthcoming in helping you with your misfortune, you can decide to file a personal injury case due to medical malpractice. Remember that you will need to be able to prove that it was due to your doctor’s negligence that you suffered personal injuries, in other words, that you wouldn’t have suffered the same if you’ve gone to another medical professional. By getting the advice from another medical professional you will be able to get a certificate of merit for your case – which will be needed during the legal proceedings to prove your case.

Talk to a medical malpractice lawyer

Once you have established that your doctor was indeed negligent and you have obtained the evidence from another medical professional, you can go to a qualified personal injury lawyer to evaluate your case. Remember that you only have two and a half years in New York state to file a personal injury complaint due to medical malpractice and that the clock starts ticking from the moment that you have suffered the injury. It’s best to talk to a specialized lawyer as soon as possible.

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