Summer Safety Tips From Linden Law

Summer Safety Tips From Linden Law

Summer Safety Tips From Linden Law

My family and I love to head out to the beach or pool on summer weekends.  We have a little girl now and keeping kids safe has become my wife’s and my number one priority.  She’s little now, but starting to explore the world and with comes all kinds of new concerns and challenges.  

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you head out this summer.


With longer days and plenty of sunshine, most people more actively enjoy the outdoors during the summer months than during any other season. But with this increase in physical activity there is often an increase in injuries, which can put an abrupt end to your summer fun.

Swimming Related Injuries

Swimming pools have a high risk for injury and drowning, especially for children ages 1-4 years old. While they’re a popular choice for kids to spend their time during hot summer days, swimming pools can be equally as dangerous as they are fun. Some injuries like slips, falls, and drownings can be due to:

  • Running around areas that are slippery

  • Lack of safety equipment

  • Little or no supervision

  • Lack of swimming ability

  • Absent drain covers


You can prevent injuries at the pool and keep it a fun place for your child to enjoy. If they are younger and you notice that they struggle to swim, provide them with arm floats or enroll them in swimming lessons. Check all drain covers and make sure they are properly covered and inform children about the dangers they pose. And finally, always monitor children that are near water and never leave them alone even for a second.

Playground Injuries

The playground is a great place for children to play and use up their energy, so we’re no strangers to the small injuries that they sustain all too often. Of course, those minor bumps and scratches can suddenly turn into fractures or sprains. These injuries are usually due to:

  • Falls from equipment

  • Improper use of equipment

  • Poor maintenance of equipment

  • Damaged equipment or surfaces

  • Roughhousing with other children


Injuries at playgrounds can easily be prevented by simply supervising children while they are playing. Trampoline Injuries

Trampoline Injuries

Most trampoline injuries are sustained by children, usually between the ages of 5 and 14. The most common reason for an injury on a trampoline occurs when two or more children are jumping at the same time and collide. Other common causes include:

  • Using a trampoline in bad weather

  • Falling off the trampoline

  • Landing improperly

  • Landing on the mat, frame, or springs

  • Attempting risky stunts


To help reduce the risk of injury you should maintain your trampoline by checking for tears, detachments, and deterioration. Other preventative measures include:

  • Providing adult supervision and instruction

  • Allow only 1 person to jump at a time

  • Don’t allow somersaults or risky behavior

  • Trampolines should always be placed at ground level

  • Remove ladders after use

  • Ensure your trampoline is properly anchored to the ground

  • Only allow jumping in the center of the trampoline

  • Teach them how to safely get off the trampoline

Burn Injuries

You probably wouldn’t associate burns with summer activities; however the two often go hand-in-hand. Think about it. People cook on a grill more frequently. They’re outside in the sun for hours each day. Campfires, grills, and even the sun itself can lead to burns that require medical attention.  

Burn Injuries can also be due to sun exposure, fireworks and something as simple as toasting marshmallows. 

Running Injuries

Summer is also a great time to take to the streets or lakefront and enjoy a good run. While there is no fear of slipping on the ice during 90-degree heat, there are other possible risks. The avid runner can suffer from Runner’s Knee when overuse causes the kneecap to become out of alignment. Stress fractures of the foot are also common, as are ankle sprains and inflammatory conditions such as Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis.

In an effort to prevent such injuries, Ari Kaz, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon fellowship-trained in Foot and Ankle Orthopedics, states “I encourage runners to wear good supportive running shoes, to warm up and cool down appropriately, and to gradually increase their mileage. It’s also important to take a day off between runs, and if you develop knee, ankle, or foot pain that does not resolve after a few days of rest, it may be prudent to have it checked out.

Bicycle Injuries

While cycling is a great summer activity, it can cause a lot of strain to different areas of your body. For cyclists, it is important that your feet are properly fastened or the result will be a sharp lingering pain in the knees, and make sure the bottoms of your footwear are tightly attached to the pedals.

“Biking in the city can be especially dangerous,” notes David Garelick, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon fellowship-trained in Sports Medicine. “In addition to the stress and strain from a long ride, watch out for an unexpected opening of a car door. Getting ‘doored’ is probably the most frequent bike injury I see which can lead to severe upper extremity injuries.”

If you’re planning a long bike ride, you will spend an extended period of time in the same position, putting stress on your lower back and spine. To help avoid this, adjust your bicycle to fit your body and be mindful of your posture on your ride.

Seek Help

If you are hurt or injuried in a summer accident, make sure to seek treatment.  Sometimes we don’t want to interup the fun to take care of ourselves, but seeking and following medical advice is your first priority. 

When an accident is the result of negligence

Many accidents are just that.  Accidents.  Sometimes though, an accident can be the fault of someone else’s negligence.  Accidents like these, for example, might be worth discussing with Linden Law about

  • Broken playground equipment; 

  • Failure to supervise; 

  • Safety violations; 

  • Alcohol or drug consumption; 

  • Negligent operation; 

  • Improper use of grills; 


If you believe you or your loved ones have been involved in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, contact Linden Law.

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