Tips for Avoiding a Car Accident This Winter

Tips for Avoiding a Car Accident This Winter

Tips for Avoiding a Car Accident This Winter

The weather affects our everyday lives more than anything.  As it is getting colder and icier, people are faced with the risk of getting into car accidents due to unsafe driving habits.  It is important to be extra cautious when the roads are slippery and to make sure you maintain your vehicle properly so as not to cause injury to yourself or to anyone else.

Here are some Tips for Avoiding a Car Accident This Winter Experts at Linden Law:

1. Your Car Needs the Proper Attire!  As the temperature drops, you bundle up and your car needs the same attention.  When the weather conditions make visibility difficult, you are responsible for clearing snow and ice off your windshield, headlights, and tail lights.  We recommend you buy an ice scraper this season and check your windshield wipers daily to make sure the rubber isn’t wearing out.  Likewise, it is important to check your vehicle’s brakes and oil.  Depending on how bad the roads are by you, we recommend that you invest in snow tires or chains to further protect yourself.  Many vehicles are outfitted with fancy performance tires that are simply not able to travel on an icy road.  They can both ruin and cause an accident that in the end will cost more than an extra set of tires.  And remember, if your car wasn’t built to drive in the snow, give it a few days rest!

2. Slow Down!  The roads are icy!  The state implements laws that prohibit motorists from traveling faster than the road conditions allow.  Even though you may be below the posted speed limit, you may be at fault for driving with excessive speed given the unsafe weather conditions.

3. Keep your Distance!  Unfortunately you cannot prevent accidents as someone else’s negligence.  You can maintain a distance from other cars while on the road to try to avoid them.  When the roads are wet or icy, stopping distances can increase dramatically.  If you follow the car in front too closely, you may end up causing a rear end collision!

4. Watch Out!  Not only is it important to watch out for other drivers, it is important to be careful around snowplows and road crews.  Be sure to slow down, especially in construction zones, as you may not see it coming on you hit it.

5. Keep Your Gas Tank Full! It’s cold out there and the thought of getting out of your car and pumping gas makes you shiver.  Running down to the fumes may give you bigger problems than you think.  In the winter, if you get stuck or stranded, the engine will be your only source of heat.  As long as you have gas you can stay warm!
The Personal Injury Lawyers at Linden Law have extensive experience in helping plaintiffs who have been victims of motor vehicle accidents. We know that no one can ever be too careful and that a snowy day can cause someone to be extremely injured.

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