Does Suing Make Me a Bad Person?

Does Suing Make Me a Bad Person?

Does Suing Make Me a Bad Person?

Let’s imagine you’ve paid your contractor to install a new ceiling

While ceilings often collapse in older buildings, if you contract a building or home repair company to install a new ceiling, safety is implied – not personal injury. There’s no reason for a new ceiling to collapse except shoddy work.

You could have been seriously injured

If you were at home when the ceiling collapsed, there was a big chance that you could have been injured. Even severely so. And a personal injury due to a collapsed ceiling could result in broken bones or trauma. Imagine a little child suffering from anxiety of her home no longer being safe. Imagine a son losing a football scholarship over a serious leg injury. And while we’re talking about family a lot, if you’re single and living by yourself, the same rules apply to you.

When would suing make you a bad person?

If no-one really got hurt, you probably shouldn’t sue for personal injury.  However, if you have proof that the ceiling collapsed due to poor workmanship and if someone in your family got injured, physically or emotionally, suing makes you a responsible person – not a bad one. No-one would blame you or think badly of you for trying to protect your family’s interests.

You have every right to sue

Someone came to your home, someone to whom you’ve paid a lot of money and trusted with your family’s life, and installed a ceiling so poorly that it fell down on your family and caused personal injury. If you’re ceiling collapsed due to poor workmanship and injured your family, you have every right to sue the negligent party. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a collapsed ceiling, call the experienced New York City Personal Injury Attorneys at Linden Law at (212) 804-8440 for a free consultation!


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