Subway Accidents Personal Injury Lawyers

Subway Accidents Personal Injury Lawyers

Subway Accidents Personal Injury Lawyers

The New York subway system is fraught with possibilities for personal injury. Slips and falls on the stairwells and injuries due to sudden stops are but a few examples of ways to sustain injuries on New York City’s subway system. While derailment is quite rare, it is a possibility and there are several historic events to prove so. In 1991, a drunk motorman raced the train at more than 40 MPH while the speed limit was 10 MPH. The train derailed leaving 200 passengers injured and 5 dead. The driver was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

Subway accidents can happen due to negligence by the subway operating organization. Think wet floors without warning signs, faulty trains, and broken, dangerous staircases. Multiply that by the number of passengers that you have to navigate in a dangerous environment and a subway accident is bound to happen sooner or later. If you have suffered injuries during a subway accident, you may be eligible for a personal injury case to claim compensation for your losses in medical bills, wages lost and personal suffering.

What to do after a subway accident

If you were injured in the accident, get medical attention immediately. Your health is the most important aspect to consider. Tell your doctor everything about the accident so that he can administer the correct medical treatment. His account of your injuries may help your personal injury case. After you have received medical attention and want to file a personal injury complaint, try to take pictures of the scene of the accident to prove that it was dangerous. In a personal injury case involving a subway accident, it’s important to prove that the subway operators were negligent and failed to create a safe environment for their passengers. Write down everything that you remember about the accident and try to get an eyewitness account.

Hire a personal injury attorney to help build you subway accident case

Once you have collected as much information as you can about your subway accident, the next thing to do is to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. If you have suffered injuries, lost wages due to time off work or suffered personal damages, a competent personal injury lawyer at Linden Law will be able to evaluate your case and determine whether you will be able to claim compensation for your losses. Linden Law specializes in vehicle accident cases such as personal injuries due to subway accidents and will evaluate your case for free.

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